The Family is Complete

The Benedictines of Divine Will have a male branch and a female branch. The male community is located in Carpegna, under the guidance of Fr Elijah, while the sister community is located in Talamello under the guidance of Mother Gabrielle Marie. The two contemplative families share the same charism and are located at a 40 minutes driving distance from each other, within the same diocese. Please visit the sister community website to know more about the Benedictine Daughters of the Divine Will.

Due to the enthusiastic interest in our charism of many lay people, the Benedictines of Divine Will have begun an oblate program. The bishop of San Marino-Montefeltro, mons. Andrea Turazzi, gave his blessing to this lay branch of our religious community. All those who feel drawn to the Benedictines of the Divine Will, yet not to the religious life, can now live our charism from outside of the monastery walls as oblates.

To learn more, please read the letter from Fr. Elijah to the oblates (it can also be downloaded using the link provided below).